my finger descends on the plastic
the shot fires out
a little piece of me
flying thru the ethereal digital darkness
at the speed of light
i imagine a fiery trail behind it like a comet
in seconds it should reach its destination… you

i wait
but there is no
at all

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brandt’s cafe

I sit
brushing the gnats away
with seeming nonchalance

the warm wet night
rolls over my dinner
the steaming heat of midsummer
finally removing the winter’s chill from my blood
laughing, Gaia sleeps earlier each eve

*    *    *

fork in hand
I chase a spinach leaf across my plate
it escapes me as easily as my youth

across the street the blinking of video games
thru blueberry hill windows
slowly grows brighter
finally a breeze stirs

away most of the cafe’s patrons
and I light my cigar after a
disquieting phone

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am i the only one

am i the only one…

– who knows the power of the desert
– who is not afraid to swim in the ocean at night
– who knows the freedom of a motorcycle
– who knows the warm kiss of tequila
– who knows the thrill of jumping out of an airplane

– who does his best to do what he says he will do
– who laughs with the Grand Comedian
– who struggles to acknowledge the passage of time

– who the right song at the right moment will bring tears to
– who wishes for better friends
– who feels guilty for not being a better friend to those who desire it

– who needs fair amounts of down time to recharge
– who always wonders what’s around the next corner
– who enjoys a quiet merlot on a warm night at an outdoor cafe
– who will cheer for the home team
– who admires a well made vehicle

– who wants to fit in, but rebels against it
– who strives for consistency, but craves that which is different
– who looks for just the right word
– who gets lost in the reverie of a sudden triggered memory
– who uses the magic 8ball to make major decisions

who would prefer to follow but can not a leader worth following

who wakes up in the middle of the night and scribbles his thoughts?

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the shirt

i was new and fresh and clean and waiting for my life to begin.

i waited, anxious to fulfill my destiny, to realize my potential. i was patient.

and then, one day, it happened. i became the Chosen One, leaving the others behind and being driven to my new home on the beach.

we became inseparable. day and night i clung to the master as he showed me what it was like to be truly alive. to travel and feel the cool spray of the ocean soaking through you and then feel the hot sun slowly drying you, the warm wind quickening the process.

the feel of a woman in your arms, the softness and oh, the smell. life was perfect.

we went everywhere together.

i was the masters favorite shirt.

the washings were not very fun, and the tumble drys made me dizzy, but it never lasted long and then we were together again. experiencing life together.

until one day. after a drying, i was waiting to be joined with the master to meet with a beautiful woman, and i was, instead, hung on a doorknob.

i was stunned. i watched in amazement as he put on a new shirt. and then watched helplessly as he left, leaving me hanging, looking out over the room.

for the first time, i noticed other shirts lying on the floor.

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i wanted a better ending

closing time
lights come up

i chased
my thoughts
that scattered
like a flock of startled birds

and all i can come up with is


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I dreamt I was standing in the rain
hoping and praying for the sun
then I dreamt I was standing in the desert
hoping and praying for the rain

it really doesn’t matter anymore
it’s always just of sight
just out reach
the sand of the desert
is the same sand of the beach
one just slips thru your hands
a little more easily

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