the bike

screw this craptastic day and the horse it rode in on

rev the bike, a hi-tech, mechanical, japanese cat-like snarling
high and whiney and loud

1st gear shoots it’s load like a bullet and 13,000 rpm’s come too soon

i bang 2nd gear, my favorite, adrenal glands pumping faster than
the 65 milesperhour i hit in the blink of an eye

i still have four more gears

slam into 3rd feeling the front end pop up off the ground before digging in

throaty powerband of 4th is felt more than heard over the screaming wind
tach flicks around the dial in a flash but can’t look down now

unleash 5th somewhere way over a hundred
lower my head down behind the tiny windshield

finally slip into 6th, z-rated racing tires floating on the hot pavement
any disturbance, any malfunction and i’m hamburger now

curled right hand holds the acceleration – two fingers ready to engage front brake
right foot out of gears to shift
left foot near back brake pedal
left hand holding tight, no need to clutch yet

and for a few blissful moments…

everything passes by strangely quiet and slow
and blurry and clear and fast at the same time

and there is no thought of work
or house payments or music
or even self

a curve

spotted ahead

begin the ease up, slightly relaxing overtense muscles
the altered state slowly dissipating like a morning dream

back to earth, back to reality
down down

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