invisible hand of god

It permeates me as i run today
tingling sensitive nerve endings
before penetrating the myriad pores
on my exposed skin
i imagine positive ions recharging the cells beneath
and i feel energized

i see It brush the surface of the pond
as i jog by and recall last night
where It quietly filled my sails and pushed my boat
through the oil-like water
a whisper in the darkness of carlyle lake

driving on the freeway this morning i felt It envelop
the smooth lines of my coupe
quickly and harmlessly slipping past
in marked contrast to the news on the radio
where It erased a small caribbean island yesterday
with a wave of It’s curled fist

It greets me this new dawn
playing with the curtains
around the open window near my bed
i look out and watch the upper branches of the trees wiggle
as they’re tickled

i can almost hear It laugh

i’m hardly aware of It as
i pull out of the driveway on my motorcycle
but in seconds It keenly makes It’s presence known
as It begins to furiously tug
at anything not aerodynamically correct
It’s roaring voice softens somewhat as i reach up
and close the faceplate on my helmet

and i listen

the musician in me is
in awe with the concept that
It, in all It’s glory
continually plays mother earth like a vast orchestra
her valleys and caves – the holes of an immense flute
the forests – reeds in a giant oboe
the powerlines vibrating and humming – a violin pulled
by It’s unseen fingers

i pull into the parking garage
and get off my bike
the cool stillness shuts It out entirely
and with It’s absence
i begin to feel


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