focus she says

the water danced for me
at least on the surface
squinting, i pull on my sunglasses
and she pushes hers off
as our drinks arrive

it’s all about focus, she says
pointing her camera towards the water
colored glass filters my view
clear glass narrows hers

yes, i see the diamonds on the river
floating by, a school of lights
not moving past, shimmering in place, she corrects

* * * * * * * *

you know that old piano won’t hold a tune
the young bartender says while cleaning a glass
but i try anyways
thinking if i could find enough keys
a door would open
and i could share
a piece of me

the white paint is chipped from
the faux ivory majors
but the ebony minors look fine
so i decide to decide
and give the dark side a ride
but she’s right
it’s hard to make discord
sound like a real chord
and the moment passes
more drinks come
cheers to you, cheers to me
and things go slowly
out of

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